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your life's
Audio Diary is an AI-powered diary that listens to you and intelligently chronicles your most precious moments.
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Why Audio Diary?

We love technology but it can be overwhelming. With dopamine-grabbing apps and endless notifications, your focus can be stretched thin!
Audio Diary gives you some time to reflect in a perfect oasis of calm. 🧘
Live a happier, more meaningful life. It’s been shown that keeping a gratitude journal for three weeks has been shown to significantly improve life satisfaction, positive affect, and more*. Audio Diary makes this easy and fun.
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Clear your mind
Practice gratitude
Achieve goals
Really smart. Audio Diary listens when you talk and uses some really cool AI to understand what you say, store it in writing, and keep track of your thoughts for you.
We don't EVER sell your data and we store it with bank-grade encryption. Your data is your data. Period. If you decide Audio Diary is no longer for you, we will delete your data immediately.
Audio Diary is simple to use. Just talk to us, we'll do the rest. We'll even send you a reminder to check in every day.
Audio Diary encourages personal growth by helping you pause and reflect. By using Audio Diary regularly, you'll gain useful insights and create positive changes in your life.
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